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  • “WearTech Tights™…” offers relief of muscle pain and strains while Sleeping! WearTech Therapeutics, Inc., Inc. www.weartechit.com announces the market release of the first World’s First conductive tights for the treatment of muscle pain and strains while Sleeping!  WearTech Tights™ (patent pending) are made for the purpose of accelerating the healing of cellular function, vessels, muscles and overall soft tissue recovery from training and competition in athletes.   Over the past 10 years WearTech Therapeutics, Inc.’s technology, “Intelligent Textiles for Medicine®”, has treated tens of thousands patients on a prescription basis.  But now WearTech has broken a 34 yr. old FDA regulatory glass ceiling, offering “WearTech Tights™ without a prescription!  Get more information on our new E-Commerce website: www.weartechit.com   “The core technology of our DC stimulation is not new”, states Jim Johnson, President/CEO.  Originally invent by Bell Labs engineers for wound healing. This type of DC stimulation has a 50 year track record in the Hospital/Clinic setting with greater than 100 peer reviewed published clinical research papers.  In our prescription business, we have 20 published studies with clinical proof of efficacy. What we have achieved is to reduce the size of our Sport-Z™ by using the state of the art microprocessor technology where you can take it home with you.  The Sport-Z™ is very small and can be easily worn on each the leg of the WearTech Tights™”.   Studies were performed by the United States Air Force thru a research grant on the function of our WearTech Tights.   The research proved the function of our tights held up under the strenuous conditions of the Brook Army Centrifuge in San Antonio, Texas.   These studies where approved by the IRB of USAF under the direction of the Director Medical of Research of the USAF, ULF Balldin, M.D., Ph.D. The two main treatment applications are:  1) to wear the WearTech Tights after exercise or post athletic performance for several hours and 2) then while sleeping.  WearTech has already developed and clinically proven proprietary copyrighted software for its DC electrotherapeutic energy technology to be delivered thru the WearTech Tights while sleeping.  Therapy while sleeping is very effective because: 1) the human body’s biological healing cycle is more regenerative and pronounce at night where 70% of growth hormones are produced along with Venous Endothelia Growth Factor, VEGF 2) pain is often more pronounced at night which is relieved, allowing for better sleeping and 3) the ease of use of getting 8 treatments while asleep. Website: www.weartechit.com


  • WearTech Tights(TM)
    WearTech™ Tights promote circulation to the legs while sleeping to accelerate healing of muscles in the recovery from training which is powered by the Sport-Z™ DC Stimulator,

  • WearTech (WT) IT Tights (patent pending) are made for the purpose accelerating the healing of cellular function, vessels, muscles and overall soft tissue recovery from training and competition in athletes.  The fundamental dynamic at the heart of WearTech Therapeutics products is continuous, variable DC electrotherapeutic energy that is applied to the legs.  This is achieved through WearTech Therapeutics proprietary product the Super-Z™ that generate the DC energy and equally proprietary Intelligent Textiles for Medicine® that conduct the energy. The result is increased microcirculation to the designated body regions and the beneficial effect is better pain management; reduction of disuse atrophy (muscle wasting); relief of muscle spasticity; reducing edema (swelling); accelerated removal of lactic acid and inflammation which all contributes to improve rapid soft tissue recovery and enhance endurance.
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